Thursday, January 15, 2009

What will you do on Martin Luther King Day?

Martin Luther King Day has been one of my favorite holidays since it was first observed in 1986. At first, beyond the strong feelings I had for the man, I liked that there was no commercialism attached to his holiday- no exhortations to go buy furniture or new clothes in the "MLK Day Sales".

In 1994, President Bill Clinton signed the legislation making the day a Day of Service. This year the holiday falls the day before an amazing event, the inauguration of President Elect Barack Obama. As I look forward to a change in the world and in my country, I'm thinking about what I will be doing to change my community.

I think I will gather clothes to donate to the Animal Shelter Thrift store. People who know me would be surprised I have a lot of clothes- I wear only a few of them. I'll gather up the rest and let the profits from them benefit the animal shelter; maybe the clothes themselves will help someone else.

I will also knit a teddy bear for a child affected by AIDS/HIV. The Mother Bear Project to date has sent almost 36,000 bears to children in Africa and Haiti.
If you would like to find a service project, try the MLKDay government website. Have Fun Do Good has a number of ways listed as well, as does Facebook.
Join me- Change is coming, but we can't just wait for it to arrive.

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